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I commend you and your team for communicating, a trait severely lacking in the world today.  

You get a 10/10 for customer service and I will be sure to communicate this to others.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.
- Brian Suggs
Mooney 231 Owner

 intercooler delivery

The biggest change I've noticed is the CHT drop.  It has dramatically expanded my performance climb options, especially on hot days.
- John Cuyle, January 2018

Intercooler installed on a Cessna T-210M Turbo Centurion II
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I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Turboplus intercooler kits

I bought the Turbo-Plus intercooler kit for my T-210M late last year. The intercooler kit was installed during the time of my annual inspection. Jeff was very conscious of having the kit available and ready on schedule. The quality of the components is excellent and the maintenance shop had no issues with the installation and adaptation of the intercooler kit to my Continental 520R engine.
The following advantages are readily noticeable.

1. Cooler cylinder head temperatures, at my normal cruising altitudes of 13000’-15000’.
2. At airspeeds I had noted previously, reduced manifold pressures and reduced fuel consumption are experienced.
3. Increased airspeed utilizing previous manifold settings before intercooler modification.

I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Turboplus intercooler kits.

Turbo Centurion T210M

Piper Arrow with Turboplus

Piper Arrow with Turboplus intercooler with NACA Ducting

Piper Arrow with Turboplus

Close up of Turboplus installed on Piper Arrow

"Long climb will be forgotten"

Today, I had my first fly.  Seems to be great!  Now, I should check Gami-Injectors for not too different fuel-flows.  But Power is incredible. Yes, it has a lot of snork. +20kn speed, increased climb rate from 800 to 1100ft/min...  Great deal.

"Pilotenservice Rieger" in Vilshofen, my Maintanaince Station in Bavaria will send back the core-parts in the next few days.  Lets see what future brings.
Wish you best regards.  Long climb will be forgotten.
- Tom, From Austria
May 7, 2020


"Boy, this Arrow has a lot of snort!"

I've been flying a Piper Turbo Arrow III for about 10 years and have been very pleased with the benefits of the Turboplus system installed.  I can usually run about 2 inches less manifold pressure and still obtain the same power level due to the cooler air going into the cylinders.  The temperature sensors make it easy to decide just how much to reduce the MP setting.  The 220 horsepower STC really gives great performance.  A friend I was giving a ride who had owned a normally aspirated Arrow for many years commented right after takeoff, "Boy, this Arrow has a lot of snort!"

When I bought the Arrow it had about 1600 hours on a Factory Remanufactured engine and I was able to get 2200 hours on the engine before rebuilding, which for the Continental TSIO-360 is quite a feat. I am very glad the previous owner had decided to install the Turboplus system as I have been the beneficiary of the performance and long life it adds to the airplane's engine.
Dean Kapp - N1347H
April 5, 2019

The difference from other non-intercooled turbos is very noticeable

"I have a T210L with the Turboplus intercooler. The difference from other non-intercooled turbos is very noticeable - cooler CHTs (most important to me), no bootstrapping or fuel fluctuation issues at high altitude, and smooth LOP operations so I can even climb LOP at higher power settings while enjoying a smooth cool engine. 

I cruise at 14gph/30"MP and see 170 kt TAS around 10-11k altitudes, more higher, which is significantly better than the POH book values, and managing the temperatures is as easy on a non-turbocharged engine.  Such a great system!"

- Peter Valchev, July 2018

Now if I could get McFarlane and Aviall to be as awesome as you, my shop might run a bit smoother.
Thank you! I'll have the check out asap.

- Robinson Aircraft Maintenance, July 2018

I Saved Approximately $25 in fuel per hour!

I bought the Turboplus kit for my 78 lance sometime between 1989 and 1990. My reasons had nothing to do with speed, climb or altitude capability. My interest was engine cooling and cylinder life. I discovered that a turbo lance flown at 75% best power, besides burning 22 gallons an hour, would cost you a set of cylinders at 600 hours, give or take a few minutes. I saw this again and again as a commercial pilot.

After installing the Turboplus kit I reduced my cruse power to 65% best economy, + one extra gallon per hour. I dropped 12 kts but saved approximately $25 (5 gallons) in fuel per hour! With the reduced power loads and better cooling I was able to get 1,100 hours out of my last cylinders! It’s the only thing I’ve ever bought that pays for itself then keeps on paying!

- William D. Bentley

Piper Seneca with Turboplus Intercooler System

I own a 1982 Seneca III that received the Turboplus intercooler modification shortly after I purchased the aircraft. I have been extremely pleased with the Turboplus modification and offer the following comments:

  • Critical altitude for the engines has been increased by virtue of the Turboplus intercooler modification to approximately 18,000 feet thus increasing single engine capability and high altitude climb and cruise performance.
  • Equal cruise speeds require substantially reduced manifold pressure and substantially reduced fuel consumption for non-modified aircraft.
  • Equal manifold pressure will accomplish up to10-knot airspeed increase.
  • The engine cylinder head temperatures have been greatly reduced since the Turboplus modification, allowing operation at any altitude and temperature in cruise configuration. This was not possible prior to the Turboplus intercooler modification in hot weather.
  • Temperature changes after the Turboplus intercooler modification show about 160 degrees cooling differential at moderate power settings.
  • The cooling effect increases at higher power settings and air speeds

The main reason we elected to make the Turboplus intercooler modification was primarily related to engine life and safety related to cooler and smoother engine operation and what we feel is a decreased risk of major engine problems, and extended engine life. We also feel much more comfortable about single engine capabilities in the mountain and IFR environments we operate in.

- E.P Smith

Piper Turbo Saratoga with Intercooler Kit
I was lucky enough to purchase N4296X with the intercooler kit upgrade already installed. She is my Big Beautiful Beast and all she wants to do is fly. I contacted Turbo Plus for a replacement landing light lens and received a prompt reply and the part was shipped within a week even though it was not in stock when I first inquired. Prompt replies and fast service for a replacement part, the hallmark of a dedicated service and parts provider. Thanks!
 -Brian Taubenheim, December 2017

Picked up my Turboplus Intercooler at KTIW today on the way down to Reno. The quality shows in the craftsmanship. I can't wait to have it installed. Thanks for coming out for a personal delivery Jeff.
- mooneyspeed

I write to you with a big smile on my face. After the first 10 hours flying with the Seneca intercooler I can see that we either can save 2 gal per hour in fuel flow or gain 10 kts. The climb rate is improved with approximately 300 feet/minute. Thanks for an outstanding product, and if You need a reference in Europe you can use me at any time.

- Per Jensen

Our Turboplus intercooler installation has exceeded our performance expectations. We now climb at the same fuel flow with 20-30 degrees F. cooler cylinder head and oil temperatures. Thank you for your excellent engineering.

- D.J. Rousseau

We now enjoy performance that almost matches the “252” and for about $90,000 less. This modification has proved invaluable.

- Mark Whitcomb

I highly recommend every 231 owner to Turboplus their engine.

- John D. Beer

I am very happy with the new engine and the terrific cares it gets from the Turboplus intercooler.

- Theodore S. Wentworth

The installation has resulted in approx. 10-14 kts. of true airspeed increase, providing at the same time a marked reduction in the cylinder head temperatures. The new lower cowling removes the gaping air intake port in the front, which was a distinguishing feature of the Lance. This both enhances the looks and considerably decreases the drag in flight.

- Paul Calhoun

The things are just too simple, durable, and effective to need a lot of parts.  In eight years of ownership I have had mine cleaned once at that's it, and its 15 years old. In the meantime, it just works, and keeps my engine cool.   Thank you for your most excellent contribution to GA.

- J. Lunseth



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