Cessna T206, T207, T210 Intercooler Kit

The Turboplus Cessna T206, T207 and T210 intercooler system provides ram air through their custom designed intercooler and plenum, as well as a P210 style NACA duct for their new induction system.

The NACA duct directs ambient air through the custom designed airbox (with Auto Air Door) directly into the turbocharger. The lower cowling NACA duct creates no drag. Turboplus Aircraft Systems, Inc. is the only general aviation aftermarket intercooler kit manufacturer to offer a Five-Year warranty on their intercooler system.

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Cessna T200 Series Intercooler Kit

Intercooler Benefits

  • Up to 80°C/144°F Induction Air Temp. Drop
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Full Take-off Power on HOT Days/High Altitude Airports
  • FUEL SAVINGS up to 15%
  • Extended Range
  • Same H.P. with Less M.P.
  • Cooler CHT and Oil Temps Allows Engine Operation Farther from Point of Detonation
  • Engine Critical Altitude Increased



Intercooler Kit

  • Intercooler with Charge Air Cooling Plenums
  • New Turboplus Induction System with Automatic Alternate Air Door
  • NACA Duct & Template
  • Engine Intercooler Gauge-3 Temps:
    1. Compressor Discharge Temp.
    2. Charge Air Temp.
    3. Differential Temp.

  • Certified Hardware
  • Custom Intercooler Hoses
  • Turboplus and FAA Documents

Price: $8,295.00


Labor Hours

Estimated 30 Hours Installation, Plus Painting

Printable Product Flyer

STC: SA2390NM Intercooler and Induction System Installation- Cessna T206, T207 and T210 series





Cessna T200 Series Pressurized Magneto Kit

Magneto Kit Benefits:

  • Reduces High Altitude Misfiring
  • Reduces Possible Engine damage due to Misfiring




Kit Includes:

  • Certified Hardware
  • New Hose Assemblies
  • Fuel Filter
  • Magneto Fittings
  • Hydraulic Fittings



Price: $895.00

  • Estimated 2 hours installation
  • Part Number:
    16000 (TSIO-520 Series)

STC: SE2393NM Pressurized Magneto System Installation


Before any aircraft is accepted for a Turboplus intercooler installation an extensive “flight test" is performed to determine and record the critical engine altitude, oil and cylinder head temperatures and fuel flows at given power settings. Any discrepancies that might affect the efficiency of operation of the Turboplus intercooler are noted. After installation, another “flight test” ensures that engine and aircraft performance adhere to Turboplus Aircraft Systems, Inc. high standards. Post modification flight test data provides a direct "Before and After" comparison of the dramatic improvement in aircraft performance and engine operation.

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