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TURBOPLUS proudly celebrates 35 years of design, manufacturing and marketing of aftermarket products for the general aviation industry. The continued success is due to their loyal customer base, product performance and customer service.

Turboplus manufactures quality general aviation aftermarket small aircraft intercooler kits, high altitude pressurized magneto systems and Continental engine horsepower upgrades.

Turboplus holds 19 Supplemental Type Certificates that permit installation of their FAA/PMA approved designs on 77 single and twin engine turbocharged airplane models.

Turboplus Aircraft Systems, Inc. will ship your order to your home, business or any FBO shop of your choosing. Don't fly to us when we can ship to you.

Turboplus Inc. was the first company to introduce aftermarket “intercooler” systems for general aviation small airplane owners. Turboplus was required to perform extensive FAA flight tests prior to receiving intercooler PMA approval.

The Turboplus team installed pressure and temperature probes on the intercooler assembly, the engine cylinders, fuel system, oil, turbocharger and exhaust systems.

The airplane was fitted with electronic equipment to chart pre-intercooler flight data as well as post intercooler data. After countless FAA certification flight tests, Turboplus was successfully granted their first small aircraft intercooler Supplemental Type Certificate.

2017…  The business now operates as Turboplus Aircraft Systems, Inc, and has recently relocated to their original “Turboplus Inc” home in Gig Harbor, WA.

Current products include intercooling, pressurized magneto kits and 220hp upgrade kits for:

Piper Seneca II, Piper Seneca III, Piper Turbo Arrow, Piper Turbo Lance, Piper Turbo Saratoga, Cessna T206, Cessna T207, Cessna T210, Mooney M20K (231).

As well as single engine Turboplus 220hp upgrades for the Piper Turbo Arrow and 220hp upgrades for the Piper Seneca II.

NEW: Turboplus Cowling Stickers!

Get yours today, stickers are free for any Turboplus customer.  Limit two per request.  Request yours through our contact page, shipping address and aircraft model required.

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